As a production designer I have had the opportunity to lead teams on indie feature films, reality television, short films and commercial television. 

One of the more notable projects was 'Let me make you a Martyr' a crime drama featuring Marilyn Manson as a hitman. Set in Oklahoma, my team built several sets from the ground up. Including the set featured on my sight which received press in both Vice Noisey and Rolling Stone. 

Another challenge of that film was each character was to have a specific gun that would define help better their identity in the 'world' we created.   I chose a German Mauser for Manson's unique character, because the gun carries such a menacing design.

In January of 2017 my team built another project that defined our careers.  For a 'Friday Night Tykes' teaser, in a matter of 2 days we transformed a studio into a pee wee locker room.  Building a floor, several flats, installing lockers and benches, designing towels, helmets, water bottles and stickers.  The client, Esquire TV and Vayner Media were  all praise.